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Feature | Orchestrated hampers that would befit all homes

Orchestrated Hampers

Re-energised function of a basket around the house.
By Naquiah Malik
  1. Gradient Bag
  2. Whether visually filling an empty space in a room or acting as part of the decor, baskets make great accent pieces. This handmade German Gradient bag may look flimsy but is made out of water resistant cellulose fibre which can be a sturdy yet stylish hamper. 
  3. Picnic Basket
    Basket handbags can be used to hold office supplies, file folders, and magazines. If you have a funky bag you bought at the straw market in Trinidad and Tobago ten years ago, think about pulling it out and using it in a new way.
  4. Inception Cabinet Pierre-Elliot, Louis and Lucie 
  5. For those who lack floor space, the walls are a great storage space for the entire family. Just prop up these stylish postman-style leather storage bags by the doorway – at a comfortable height, of course – to keep easily accessible daily necessities.

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